Theresa Hudgins
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have always had the desire to assist others work through challenges, and to help them reach their full potential. I began my work as a social worker helping youth and families process trauma and manage difficult behaviors. I have worked with complex trauma in both adolescents and adults. My experience also includes working with both active duty military and veterans assisting them process though stressors as well as PTSD. I understand how difficult it can be to discuss life's challenges. My goal is to allow you to direct your therapeutic experience with my guidance and support. Along the way I will help you understand how trauma and stress change your thoughts and behaviors, while teaching you effective coping skills that will help manage symptoms. No one should have to walk though life's challenges alone, finding a trusted therapist can help make this process easier. I use many therapeutic approaches to help you meet your goals. These approaches include; cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused, client centered,  EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to name a few. We will work together to determine the best approach for you.